RCS is comprised by a group of groundwater geologists focused on the development, protection, and management of groundwater resources throughout California. Whether it be evaluating the groundwater resource potential of a community or vineyard, siting and designing a new well, rehabilitating an existing well or wellfield, conducting pumping tests and drawdown interference analysis, or assessing water quality or other down-hole problems in your existing wells, RCS is available to help solve your groundwater issues.

Mr. Richard C. Slade has 50+ years of hydrogeologic experience in California, the last 30+ of which have been as Principal Groundwater Geologist and President of Richard C. Slade & Associates LLC (RCS), Consulting Groundwater Geologists. With a staff of seven full-time professional geologists, RCS is uniquely qualified to help you with your groundwater development needs and water well issues.

Specific areas of expertise for RCS:

  • Conducting Groundwater basin evaluations and basin management
  • Groundwater resource development via siting, specifying, and designing of new water wells for both municipal-supply and agricultural-supply
  • Conducting analysis and correlations of geophysical electric logs available from water wells, groundwater monitoring wells and oil wells;
  • Preparing technical specifications and detailed line item bid sheets for the preliminary design and cost analysis of new wells
  • Providing experienced geologists to field monitor the drilling, final design, construction and testing of new water wells
  • Conducting pumping tests and providing technical analyses of pumping test data
  • Providing evaluations, cost estimates, technical specifications and field monitoring services for the rehabilitation and destruction of existing wells
  • Conducting water well feasibility studies
  • Assessing groundwater quality
  • Evaluating groundwater contamination

Programming water level data logger
Measuring field water quality parameters