Staff Groundwater Geologist


Mr. Linden has over seven years of professional hydrogeologic experience developing, executing, and managing water resource, environmental, and research projects throughout the United States, North Africa, and the Pacific Islands for both private and public sectors. Water resource projects completed and contributed to by Mr. Linden include municipal water-supply wells (both vertical and low-angle slant wells), monitoring wells, industrial water-supply and treatment, agricultural irrigation-supply wells, regional groundwater monitoring network development and maintenance, and site suitability analysis for water resource development including well and spring assessments. Mr. Linden has developed, constructed, implemented, and maintained a variety of custom water monitoring systems featuring remote and local accessibility using state-of-the-art physical and chemical sensors and test equipment. These advanced monitoring system technologies have been applied by Mr. Linden to a wide breadth of project applications ranging from low-cost compact monitoring solutions to mobile test skids, including implementation of a major portion of the monitoring equipment installed as part of a large-scale municipal recharge basin infiltration study that also included monitoring technologies for several hydrospheric layers. Mr. Linden also acted as designer and developer of a unique and privately-funded scaled-model testbed for well construction in a controlled laboratory environment. Another of Mr. Linden’s fields of expertise is data processing, analysis, and presentation with an emphasis on reproducibility and accuracy.
Mr. Linden is the newest member of the growing team at RCS and has been a Groundwater Geologist with the firm since 2019. During his time with RCS, he has helped manage groundwater development projects including the design, permitting, and construction management of municipal water-supply, municipal injection, irrigation-supply, and monitoring wells. These efforts include well construction observation, testing, destruction, and rehabilitation of numerous municipal wells and irrigation-supply wells throughout California.

Currently, Mr. Linden leads the geospatial data analysis and presentation team for Richard C. Slade & Associates (RCS). He enjoys drawing upon his extensive experience performing geospatial data analysis when working with both vector- and raster-based datasets, emphasizing reproducibility and accuracy - particularly for big data - by using scripting techniques with both the R and Python programming languages. Key vector- and raster-based geospatial data sources that Mr. Linden specializes in applying in his project-specific workflows include publicly available datasets from major city, state, and federal agencies; privately-available datasets; in-house proprietary datasets; remotely sensed datasets; multi-scale hydrologic and hydrogeologic model results; and digital elevation models, to name a few. In addition, Mr. Linden has extensive experience developing and processing groundwater and surface water model inputs and outputs including generation of water level and hydrogeologic elevation surfaces and contours from a variety of data sources. Mr. Linden also enjoys analyzing and presenting time series data including water level, chemical, and several other time-variant data sources.


Consulting Groundwater Geologists

Staff Groundwater Geologist with major responsibilities for groundwater evaluation, adjudicated basin management, exploration, and development projects. Project management responsibilities encompass preparation of cost estimates, technical specifications, and construction management for municipal-and irrigation-supply well projects. A chief responsibility of Mr. Linden’s that he has embraced during his work with RCS has been acting as the primarily responsible staff-person for the data management, data analysis, modernization, and preparation of every ULARA Watermaster report released since he joined RCS, as well as many of the day to day ULARA Watermaster responsibilities. Mr. Linden’s technical responsibilities are comprised of preparing well construction and well rehabilitation technical specifications; technical and administrative oversight of well construction testing; hydrogeologic interpretation of data; geospatial data analysis; data management; data processing; data interpretation; and the presentation and communication of myriad complex and large datasets in succinct and easily interpretable manners.

2015 - 2019

Staff Geohydrologist with responsibilities of assisting and managing water-resource and geotechnical projects ranging from the coasts of Central and Southern California, to multiple unique interior desert regions of several Southwestern states, as well as his work on a project in North Africa. During his time with Geoscience Support Services, Mr. Linden repeatedly demonstrated his aptitude for picking up “on the job” experience, developing a deep understanding of modern water sensor technologies and learning to effectively apply the R and Python programming languages to the successful completion of hydrogeologic projects, among other useful skills that he developed. Mr. Linden also designed, developed, and implemented water quality and hydrophysical monitoring systems, test apparatuses, and sampling systems and devices for both in-house use and specific project needs. He also designed, developed, and constructed a scaled hydraulic model for testing of proprietary well construction methods. Mr. Linden performed key modeling support activities for groundwater and surface water model development ranging from small local-scale modeling to regional basin-scale modeling. Groundwater projects Mr. Linden was involved with utilized the bucket-auger, direct air rotary casing hammer (ARCH), direct mud-rotary, reverse-rotary, sonic, and proprietary drilling methods, along with various water quality sampling methods for site characterization and monitoring. For these projects, Mr. Linden aided with well-design/construction, sample collection, data analysis, and ongoing monitoring. Findings of these projects were prepared by Mr. Linden for municipal, private, and regulatory entities in the form of hydrogeologic legal support work, project technical memoranda, and groundwater monitoring reports. Mr. Linden also assisted with site assessments while he was with Geoscience Support Services; these projects considered and satisfied many different and complex criteria including physical, chemical, legal, and monetary considerations. Geotechnical studies and investigations included infiltration study design and implementation of monitoring instrumentation.

2013 - 2015

Graduate Research Assistant in Florida International University’s Low-Temperature Aqueous Geochemistry Lab. Mr. Linden conducted extensive fieldwork throughout South Florida’s Everglades as a graduate research assistant in René Price’s low temperature aqueous Geochemistry lab at Florida International University (FIU), gaining experience in field data collection and sample collection techniques. He also conducted extensive analyses of water samples operating and maintaining diverse lab equipment including ion chromatographs, potentiometric acid titrators, and stable water isotope analyzers. Results of Mr. Linden’s work in the Everglades were presented at multiple in-state symposia, reviews, and meetings; this was in addition to his successful composition and defense of his Masters thesis project - Hydrologic controls of groundwater discharge in coastal Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park, Florida.


Hydrologic controls of groundwater discharge in coastal Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park, Florida
  • Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration (GEER) 4/15
  • Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE-LTER) Mid-Term Review 3/15
  • FIU Earth & Environment Departmental Graduate Research Symposium 2/15
  • FCE-LTER All Scientists Meeting 1/15
Morphological responses of the dire wolves (Canis dirus) of Rancho La Brea over time due to climatic changes
  • Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists (WAVP) 2/11
  • Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) 11/10

MS. Geosciences
Florida International University

BA. Geology
Occidental College

Geologist-in-Training Certification (GIT)

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)