Staff Groundwater Geologist


Mr. Fulcher is a Professional Geologist (PG) with ten years of experience developing, executing, and managing water resource and environmental projects throughout North America and Africa for both private and public sectors. Water resource projects completed by Mr. Fulcher include municipal water-supply wells, industrial water-supply and treatment, agricultural water-supply, stormwater management and treatment, and mine dewatering and treatment. Mr. Fulcher has been a Groundwater Geologist with the firm since 2017 and has managed groundwater development projects including the design, permitting, and construction management of municipal, monitoring, and irrigation-supply wells. These efforts include well construction monitoring, testing, destruction, and rehabilitation of numerous municipal wells and irrigation-supply wells throughout California.

Currently, Mr. Fulcher leads Richard C. Slade & Associates’ (RCS) geological and hydrogeological modeling efforts and is adept with 3D geological modeling, analytical element and finite difference groundwater flow modeling, and aquifer testing and analysis for aquifer characterization, well-design and well evaluation. Mr. Fulcher is focused on modeling groundwater flow and basin stratigraphy of coastal and inland groundwater basins through finite-element methods, geophysical log correlation, and 3D geological modeling.


Consulting Groundwater Geologists

Project Groundwater Geologist with major responsibilities as a project manager for groundwater evaluation, exploration, and development projects. Project management responsibilities encompass preparation of cost estimates, technical specifications, and construction management for municipal-and irrigation-supply well projects, source water assessments, aquifer storage and recovery, and groundwater modeling. Mr. Fulcher’s technical responsibilities comprise of preparing well construction and well rehabilitation technical specifications; technical and administrative oversight of well construction testing; hydrogeologic interpretation of data; and spatial analyses and presentations of datasets. Geological modeling efforts by Mr. Fulcher utilize a step-wise multifaceted approach incorporating surficial geologic mapping, geophysical logging, geochemistry, and statistical data interpolation. Geological models completed by Mr. Fulcher include basin analysis, fault/deformation modeling, soil erosion forecasts, and infiltration/porosity indexing. Groundwater flow modeling projects by Mr. Fulcher include well capture zone analysis, well/well-field interference, and basin yield analysis using analytical element and finite difference groundwater flow modeling techniques. Mr. Fulcher is also adept with water quality modeling using conservative and reactive-transport simulation for water quality forecasting, principal component analysis, and point source identification. Additional responsibilities include database management and data quality assurance and control with respect to all RCS projects.

2015 - 2017

Senior Staff Hydrogeologist with responsibilities of assisting and managing water-resource, geotechnical, and environmental projects throughout California. Mr. Fulcher planned, managed, budgeted, and executed ground/surface water, soil, soil-gas, and air sampling projects for municipal, agricultural, RCRA, and CERCLA sites. Groundwater and environmental projects utilized hollow-stem, direct-push, and sonic drilling methods coupled with USEPA SW-846 sampling methods for site characterization and monitoring. For these projects, Mr. Fulcher supervised and aided well-design/construction, sample collection, and data analysis. Findings of these projects were prepared by Mr. Fulcher for private and regulatory entities in the form of remedial investigation/feasibility, site characterization, and monitoring reports. Mr. Fulcher also assisted with remediation feasibility, design, and monitoring for sites containing soil and groundwater impacted from VOCs, SVOCs, PAHs, metals, solvents, and nitrates. Internal safety and operating procedures and protocols (HASP, ERP, SOP and FA) for these projects were prepared by Mr. Fulcher. Remediation monitoring and sampling protocols were devised by Mr. Fulcher and included soil and wellhead gas sampling systems methods and procedures. Geotechnical studies and investigations included investigations and characterization for expansive soils, seismic liquefaction, and slope stability. Stormwater projects managed by Mr. Fulcher were stormwater assessment, monitoring, and protection plans for general/site NPDES licenses and watersheds. Components of these stormwater projects required regional watershed compliance monitoring, permitting, reporting, sampling, and statistical data analysis. Project database administration, data visualization, and conceptual site modeling for the aforementioned projects were the responsibilities of Mr. Fulcher.

2012 - 2015

Project Geologist overseeing acid-rock drainage (ARD) delineation and modeling for the Mary River Iron Ore project and co-supervising regional mineral exploration and database administration. Mr. Fulcher assisted with the development of open-pit mine dewatering and treatment and mine tailings management. Groundwater infiltration, surface water runoff, and water quality characterization studies were completed by Mr. Fulcher through physical and statistical data analysis and water quality modeling. Monitoring and sampling plans for groundwater and surface water characterization/monitoring were devised and executed by Mr. Fulcher using multiparameter water quality meters, flowmeters, and turbidity instruments. Site environmental assessments, remediation, and spill prevention plans and procedures were also developed by Mr. Fulcher. A multi-year regional mineral exploration and sampling program was co-supervised by Mr. Fulcher for base and precious metals incorporating regional scale geologic mapping, geophysical surveying, drilling, and ore deposit modeling. Primary duties for this project were data collection, analysis, interpretation, and management. Mr. Fulcher’s analysis and interpretation redefined regional and local lithologies as well as iron ore paragenesis and augmented the district ore tonnage estimate. Results of both the ARD and exploration programs were communicated through internal and regulatory reports.


Metamorphic Setting of High-Grade Iron Ore, Mary River District, Nunavut SEG Student Minerals Colloquium - PDAC 2014

Hydrothermal Desilication at Dome/Keel Detachments: A Key Element in Forming High-Grade Magnetite Deposits in the Mary River District, North Baffin Island, Duke, N., MacLeod, M., Nicpon, B., Fulcher, S.A., Iannelli, T., GAC-MAC Joint Annual Meeting, Abstracts Volume 35, pg. 37

MSc. Geology
University of Western Ontario

HBSc. Geology
With specialization in geology
University of Ottawa

Professional Geologist
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