Richard C. Slade and Associates LLC, Consulting Groundwater Geologists, have been retained by numerous water agencies, cities, water districts and private water companies to develop their local groundwater resources. The types of services provided to these agencies have depended on the needs of the client but have tended to include the tasks listed below.

  • Research of published geologic maps and reports
  • Evaluate site geology and watershed conditions
  • Evaluate surface and subsurface geologic conditions
  • Identify groundwater flow directions
  • Perform site reconnaissance visits
  • Review driller�s logs and casing records
  • Evaluate and correlate electric logs from well to well
  • Monitor water levels in wells
  • Assess potential water quality problems
  • Monitor field water quality parameters in existing wells
  • Conduct pumping (aquifer) tests in wells
  • Evaluate potential water level drawdown interference between pumping wells
  • Review down-hole videos of wells
  • Evaluate water quality in onsite and offsite wells
  • Locate nearby offsite wells
  • Determine feasibility of siting and constructing new water wells
  • Determine the feasibility of rehabilitating or destroying existing wells
  • Prepare preliminary design reports with conclusions and recommendations regarding feasibility of developing local groundwater supplies.
  • Prepare for and make verbal or written presentations to City Councils, County Planning Commissions and/or Boards of Supervisors