Major areas of groundwater work for Mr. Hicke while an employee at Richard C. Slade & Associates, LLC, include project management for numerous groundwater development projects, including well construction projects, groundwater basin evaluations, creation of hydrogeologic conceptual models, and aquifer testing studies throughout California. In addition, Mr. Hicke serves as the lead geologist during the creation, management and utilization of large electronic databases of subsurface geologic data for use in preparing Hydrogeologic Evaluations of California Groundwater basins, and calculation of estimates of underflow and groundwater in storage for those basins. Mr. Hicke is also project manager overseeing preparation of groundwater availability studies for various agricultural clients, as well as the preparation of technical documents intended to support the creation of Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs). Mr. Hicke has many years' experience using the Mapinfo GIS software package to create maps from these data sets, for use in the Hydrogeologic Evaluations. Mr. Hicke also provides technical and administrative oversight during well construction and aquifer testing projects.

Since Mr. Richard Slade's appointment as the Upper Los Angeles River Area Watermaster in December 2008, Mr. Hicke has performed the duties of the Assistant ULARA Watermaster. Mr. Hicke helps to collect and analyze data for the various annual reports and review documents prepared by the Watermaster.


Consulting Groundwater Geologists

project management during multi-well design and construction projects in the Central Valley and High Desert areas of California; field monitoring of all elements of the drilling and construction of municipal-supply and irrigation-supply water wells; providing technical and administrative oversight of well drilling, construction, development, and testing activities on production well and monitoring well projects; geologic logging of numerous boreholes in the High Desert areas of southern California, including the pilot boreholes for both production and monitoring wells; field monitoring of water quality and water level data during construction and testing of new water wells; planning and administration of long term aquifer tests, including the utilization of pressure transducers in a variety of hydrogeologic settings; preparation of hydrogeologic feasibility reports for sites throughout California; conducting well canvasses using GPS methods; computer analyses of data and considerable computer work on map and data presentation using a Geographic Information System (GIS). Other significant responsibilities include: collection and analyses of basic groundwater data; computerized analyses of data; computerized mapping and graphics work; and troubleshooting problems with computers and/or with field water level/water quality monitoring equipment.

APRIL 2000 - OCTOBER 2001

Employment position was as a Staff Geologist with responsibilities that included organization of site investigations, geologic logging of boreholes, data collection, preparing maps and cross sections, and lab testing of soil. Prior work includes numerous seismic hazard (seismically induced landslide and liquefaction) analyses for homes in the Santa Monica Mountains, as well as the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Malibu, and Santa Monica.


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University of California
Los Angeles
B.S., Geology Engineering Geology

Certified Hydrogeologist and Professional Geologist
State of California