Major areas of groundwater work for Mr. Wick have included technical report writing, electronic data management and analysis, manipulation of GIS data, and field work relating to the siting, design, construction and testing of new water-supply wells. He has also provided field services and correspondence during the construction, destruction, and rehabilitation of several water-supply wells in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Kern County, Inyo County and Napa County.


Consulting Groundwater Geologists

Mr. Wick became a full-time staff level groundwater geologist at Richard C. Slade & Associates LLC (RCS) in March 2006. His work efforts include technical report writing, electronic data management and analysis, and field work relating to the siting, design, construction and testing of new water-supply wells. Major responsibilities include: preparation of technical specifications and summary reports for the construction, destruction and rehabilitation of water-supply wells; research and analyze data to prepare technical reports for water well feasibility and well siting studies; prepare guidelines and summary reports for aquifer (pumping) tests of water-supply wells; analysis of large water level and water quality databases; preparation of charts and graphs using water level and water quality data; create and compile GIS data sets; and preparation of graphics and charts for reports and presentations. Additional aspects of Mr. Wick�s work include: providing detailed geologic logs of drill cuttings of representative samples of earth materials collected during pilot borehole drilling; providing assistance during the evaluation of geophysical electric logs; providing assistance in the selection of specific depth zones in which aquifer isolation zone testing is to be performed; providing assistance in the design of production water wells; conducting field monitoring of water levels, water quality and flow rates, and collecting representative groundwater samples from aquifer zone tests and pumping tests; providing part-time and/or full-time field monitoring of drilling contractor activities including: pilot borehole drilling, isolated aquifer zone testing, installation of well casings, gravel packs and cement seals in the new wells, mechanical and pumping development of the new wells, and pumping tests conducted in the new wells.

Mr. Wick is familiar with the programming and installation of water level (pressure) transducers, monitoring of water levels using manual electric tape sounders, and obtaining field values of key water quality parameters using field-level instruments during isolated aquifer zone testing and pumping tests.

Mr. Wick has provided field services during the construction and destruction of several water wells to depths ranging from 100 ft to 2000 ft. Key new water wells on which he has conducted these field services for include those in Los Angeles County (County of Los Angeles Water Works Division, City of Compton, City of Lynwood, City of Paramount and Golden State Water Company); Orange County (City of Garden Grove, City of Irvine, City of Tustin, and City of Anaheim); San Bernardino County (Mojave Water Agency, City of Chino, Monte Vista Water District and Victory Valley Water District); Riverside County (Indio Water Authority, Eastern Municipal Water District, and Needles Unified School District); Kern County (West Kern Water District); and Napa County (Town of Windsor).

Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Company, Juneau, AK
Exploration Geologist

One of two exploration geologists at mine location in charge of logging drill core (borehole) that is extracted from the underground mining operations. Specific duties include identifying and describing ore minerals, describing individual rock lithologies, and identifying and mapping deformation trends and structures in a complex Volcanic Hosted Massive Sulfide (VHMS) deposit. At the time of employment, the Greens Creek Mine in Southeastern Alaska was one of North America's largest silver ore mining operations, which also produced very high grades of zinc, lead, and gold ore.

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Lab. Assistant.
MARCH 2005 - JUNE 2005

Assisted in the development and construction of a laser fluorination line for a stable isotope geochemistry laboratory that would analyze crystals of volcanic and plutonic rocks using a mass spectrometer.

Geology Field Camp, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Gained valuable experience and practice for geological field work that emphasizes the use of geologic data, such as lithologic descriptions, geologic structures, air photos, and surveying to compile and produce detailed geologic maps, stratigraphic sections, and cross sections

Land Surveying, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Measured uplift rates of the crustal plate caused by the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the coast near Florence, OR, using various survey equipment and tools such as an electronic leveler.

Hillslope Stability Practice, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Studied and analyzed recent and former landslide events in Oregon's Coastal Range Mountains to determine and quantify factors that control slope stability.

University of Oregon
B.S., Geology

Professional Geologist
State of California